Staff Profile

Graham Drew

Graham was born in Lamorna in 1961. His early life saw him working on the Mount; much of his stonework still adorns the quayside. Graham has many interests and a multitude of capabilities; he spent some years on trawlers and other fishing boats and is a qualified Tree Surgeon. In search of something and somewhere different but not too far from his native Lamorna, he took the short leap over to Scilly in 2001 and joined the Star Castle as its driver, proving an immediate personality with the guests often delivering his mischievous chuckle.

Graham’s duties as the driver did involve ‘some maintenance work’ when the taxi was not required, however it soon became apparent that he could fix almost anything, be it electrical, plumbing, machinery, computers, TV’s, the list is endless including rebuilding the Vineyard tractor last week!

At this stage it was becoming very clear that Graham would play a pivotal role in keeping, what is mechanically a very complicated estate, running on a daily basis. If keeping the Castle functioning in every department is not enough, the driving soon made way for helping Robert on the hotel’s lobster boat going to sea often during the summer bringing in the catch for the hotel’s restaurants.

It is no exaggeration to say that Graham with his jolly character is a huge contributor to the life of the Castle.